PikaShow APK Download is a wide-asked query on the Google SERP, and to get its comprehensive answer, you must read this article in full. Additionally, this writing will provide links to PikaShow APK Download for Android and PC.

Before sticking to our given topic, we’d like to share a detailed guide on the PikaShow app that will include its Features, Legal Status, Configuration Qualities, Usage Info, and its comparison with the Custom-built version.

If you don’t know, PikaShow is an Indian-origin Streaming App, primarily workable on Android and iOS devices. The app counts among the top 10 most downloaded Stream Apps on the Play Store due to its unmatched built-in characteristics. However, the original app comes into full motion after a user buys its subscription bundle; otherwise, it offers only a 7-day trial before forbidding access to premium streaming features. Of course, PikaShow Monthly, Quarterly, and Year Usage Packages are pricey.

It looks like the creators of Pikashow have created every aspect of this app while keeping User Convenience in Mind, and they succeed in doing so. PikaShow is among the Top Ten Most Downloaded Streaming Apps on the Google Play Store.

Exposing the Features of PikaShow, you’ll be stunned by their quality and quantity. The app wraps tons of Entertainment Stuff that is practically impossible to find in a single package, but PikaShow did it without hassle.

From Hollywood to Bollywood, 500+ Live TV Channels, News, Shows, Live Sports Streaming, Over-the-top Content, and On-Demand Videos, dare to name your favorite mode of entertainment, and you’ll find it right on the top on the Pikashow.

In addition to prime Streaming Opportunities, PikaShow’s sideline attributes, including Video Quality, On-Screen Customization, One-Click Downloading, Subtitles, Chromecasting, and Simple Interface, are as good as its mainstream features.

Hence, the mixture of PikaShow Streaming and Additional Features provides a perfect package for fun seekers. Lastly, the app shows positive attention whether you run it on Android Phones, iPhones, or even Windows-operated devices.

Features of PikaShow

PikaShow solely withstands the tough market for its unmatched and enormous features. After saying this, the nature of its traits is purely user-friendly, and even people without technical knowledge can use this app without seeking external assistance.

However, there is a trick by developers. The accessibility of the app’s premium features is only granted to permanent subscribers, while free members can only avail 7-day free trial. Feel free to visit the Pikashow Official page to check out their Latest Subscription Deals.

Categorically, Pikashow’s features fall into two sections, of which one is Live Streaming while the other is Integration Options.  Of course, they are interlinked, such as when you stream a Movie, the customization of Video Quality, Stereo Setting, and Subtitles is mandatory.

In short, PikaShow has an abundance of Built-in ascribes, which anyone can access without trouble. Of course, we’d like to discuss the most prominent features of Pikashow along with their utility and benefits for the users.

The forefront feature of PikaShow is a Massive Movies Library that features thousands of movies from worldwide Film Industries, such as Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, and Karnataka. Of course, the app updates frequently to hook up with the latest arrivals in respective firms.

It’s a reality that most people love watching movies depending on Genre rather than valuing their makers or country. Therefore, PikaShow emphasizes more on the Genres Collection, and you may find thousands of movies on it related to action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, horror, musicals, and mystery.

Other Commendable Features of PikaShow

PikaShow’s Streaming Capabilities are useless if used without supporting or configuration attributes. Therefore, it is mandatory to highlight the sideline characteristics of this app that realistically sky-boosts its worth and popularity.

It is important to note that the supportive functions of PikaShow are accessible to premium subscribers only because they include PikaShow Movies Unlimited Downloading, Online Subtitles Facility, and Adjustable Playback Videos.

Nevertheless, we’ll discuss the entire functions line-up of the latest PikaShow for Android alongside their best usage tips and utility for users. At the end of this section, we will share a detailed download and installation guide for this app.

One-Click Downloading

The forefront feature of PikaShow is Downloading Permissions for all kinds of content available on the app. However, you can’t download Live Streams of Sports or Dramas; instead, you may access such content using the app’s on-demand option.

PikaShow has a built-in Download Manager that is simple to use and provides deep insights into your downloading activities. Besides, the procedure is straightforward too, and all you need is to select any material and click the Download Button visible right below it.

Built-in Video Player

Opposite to its counterparts, PikaShow Apk Download shouts with a highly-advanced built-in Video Player through which users can choose between the different Video Players, including MX Player, MP3, MP4, or even FLV, F4V, and SWF.

This option comes live whenever you play a video, while it comes in handy when you want to download a video of a particular format, widely depending on your device’s nature. Surprisingly, you can also play two or more video players at a time,

Chromecast Option

It is another high-tech yet value-added option available in the latest PikaShow Mobile app. The prime definition of Chromecasting is casting your Android or iPhone Screen on Smart TV by changing its various configurations.

For your information, the Chromecast function allows you to watch your favorite movies or other entertainment stuff on a larger screen. Furthermore, the app provides a one-click Chromecast option to facilitate users of all categories.

Subtitles Supported

The availability of Subtitles with every Video is one of the most promising attributes of PikaShow. Whether you’re watching a Movie or your favorite documentary in any language, click the subtitle option to enable it without hassle.

Moreover, the app supports more than ten online subtitle platforms, which means if the subtitles of any video are unavailable; you can search it from the app’s give portals and paste their link into the subtitles section to play them.

Customizable Video Quality

A range of Customizable Video Qualities is another admirable trait of PikaShow. The app allows users to pick between various video virtues, varying from HD to 240p. However, you should make a selection according to your internet speed.

In the spotlight, the reapable adjusted playback quality in the premium PikaShow app starts from 240p, 480p, 720p, 1080p and reaches up to 4K. Perhaps, this feature adds more realism and thrill to your movie’s streaming experience.

Adjustable Stereos

When it comes to Stereos or Sounds Option, PikaShow receives full remarks. The app offers a viable range of built-in sound systems and supports external sound players, including MP3, Opus, PCM/WAVE, and Vorbis.

Furthermore, the procedure of Customizing Sound Settings is quite simple. You can increase or decrease the Volume using the swipe option, while you may change the audio player e through the Three dot option on the top corner of every player.

Un-matched Accessibility

As mentioned above, PikaShow provides 100% Legal Content, making it a secure and anti-ban app. For this reason, the services of PikaShow are accessible from any part of the world, though a few countries ban it from geographical restrictions.

However, if you’re using the PikaShow MOD APK version, you should be responsible for any damage. Notably, most MOD edition provision websites transmit viruses and malware through their downloading link to harm your device or steal your data.


Multi-language is a feature testifying to the app’s intention to assist users to the fullest. The recent PikaShow version supports various International and Indian-origin languages that are changeable through Settings with a single click.

Regarding International Languages, PikaShow’s default dialect is English, while its supports English, French, Chinese, and Arabic. In Local Indian languages, the app has Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Urdu, and Kannada.

Simple User Interface

Despite being loaded with a pile of acknowledgeable properties, PikaShow contains a simple yet value-added interface, which is fully optimized and hardly takes 15 MBs of internal storage on Android or iPhone devices.

Notably, the app’s optimization doesn’t impact its utility because it is still simple to operate. On practical notes, it hardly needs five to ten minutes to understand the complete working mechanism of PikaShow without seeking external help. https://pikashowapp.org/